The Importance Of Helmet Safety + GLX Helmets Review
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I received product from GLX Helmets to facilitate this post and GLX Helmets Review.  As always, all opinions are my own.

We all hear it.  Wear your helmet, be safe, protect yourself.  But have you ever stopped to REALLY think about these safety warnings?  Have you ever thought about what could happen if you (or your children) don’t take these precautions?  Well, it all became extremely clear to us in April of this year when our son crashed his dirt bike and broke 5 bones!

The Importance Of Helmet Safety + GLX Helmets Review

The Importance Of Helmet Safety

It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon.  The sun was shining and the weather was perfect for hanging out in a sweatshirt.  Our oldest daughter and I were in the garage prepping items for an upcoming garage sale.  My husband had just headed out to do some work around the farm and to start getting ready for chores.  The younger kids were playing in the house.  Our 13 year old son asked if he could head out to drive dirt bike after having just finished helping get the triple bunk beds out of the basement.  We had spent the whole morning and afternoon working together, hanging out, and just enjoying our family.  The day was perfect.

All of a sudden, my husband burst into the garage and hollered for me to jump on the 4-wheeler because Jack was hurt and he was going NOW.  I had little time to think.  All I could do was ask ‘is he okay’ but my husband just didn’t know.  A group of riders were out on Rangers and had come down our road just in time to see Jack crash.  The last one rushed to Jack’s side as a nurse was riding shotgun and the others came up to the yard to find us.  So everything happened quick and, thankfully, we reached Jack’s side in just minutes of the crash happening.

The Crash

As soon as we got down by Jack, we asked what had happened and the one gentleman who saw the whole thing shared.  Jack hit a rut and lost control.  He ‘supermanned’ it through the air about 30 feet and crash landed….hard.  

The Importance Of Helmet Safety + GLX Helmets Review

Blessings In Disguise

While so very traumatic, there were many blessings the day of his accident.

1) While we didn’t witness the crash, there were some people out on Rangers coming down the road who did so they got to him within seconds of the crash.

2) One of the riders was a nurse.

3) The last two vehicles in the group of (six) Rangers saw the accident and the one with the nurse rushed to Jack’s side while the other came up to the yard to find us. (Mike was working on the farm and I was working in the garage.) Jack crashed in the field right next to the house but neither Mike nor I were in the line of vision to see him lying there.

4) We took Jack to our local ER where they initially thought there was internal bleeding. Thankfully, the CT proved otherwise and the LifeLink was cancelled. He did still need an ambulance ride to a larger hospital that was fit to care for his injuries though. I was able to go with him in the ambulance, whereas if he would have needed the helicopter transport; he would have had to have gone alone.

5) His helmet did the job it was made to do and protected him from serious head trauma – thank you Lord!

The Importance Of Helmet Safety + GLX Helmets Review

The Damage

Jack ended up with 2 broken bones in his left wrist, one broken bone in his right hand, and fractured his C4 and C5.  His injuries were bad but the doctors told us over and over again how lucky he was to be wearing his helmet as they could have been SO much worse!  He’s been healing well and is looking forward to getting his final cast off soon.

The Importance Of Helmet Safety + GLX Helmets Review

Wear Your Helmets Folks!  GLX Helmets Review

Proper safety equipment when enjoying 4-wheeling, dirt biking, and other activities is so important.  Time and time again, the doctors and nurses who took care of Jack reiterated how grateful they were to hear he had a helmet on and how much worse injuries are for those who come in having not had that protection.  So if you or your family members enjoys riding (dirt bikes, atvs, sport utility vehicles, and more), be sure to gear up with a GLX Helmet.

The Importance Of Helmet Safety + GLX Helmets Review

GX23 Sear Green GLX Helmet

This GX23 Sear Green Helmet is eye-catching and a great choice.  It’s loaded with great safety features that will help to protect your head in the event of a bump or crash.

The Importance Of Helmet Safety + GLX Helmets Review

Pros Of The GX23 Sear Green:

The padding is extremely comfortable.  My son especially loves the extra neck padding.  It’s also extremely easy to buckle and get a good fit.  

What To Expect With Your GX23 Sear Green:

  • Impenetrable in safety, light in weight, and elastic in design to provide optimal impact absorption to exceed DOT standards. High-quality EPS liner material throughout the entire chin bar for enhanced impact absorption.
  • An aerodynamic shell containing an advanced cooling system designed with boasting 14 intake and exhaust vents in total to maximize airflow. Multi-density EPS liner yielding advantageous cooling passages throughout the helmet itself.
  • Cosmic peripheral field of vision utilizing a monumentally secured opening. Adjustable shatter resistant visor with high-grade steel screws tested for optimal rooster-tail smut protection, and secure mounting positioning.
  • Containing an advanced mouth-guard, aluminum mesh protective screens, quick-release chin strap and fully removable, washable, and replaceable microfiber inner material to provide an equilibrium of style, functionality, as well as safety.
  • All helmets purchased through an authorized distributor would contain the standard GLX One-Year Limited Manufacturer Warranty, as well as continuous support for any future assistance that may be needed.

The Importance Of Helmet Safety + GLX Helmets Review

Remember, when choosing your helmet, be sure to use the GLX Helmets sizing guide to get the best size for the user.  If the helmet is too large, it will have some wiggle room and won’t be able to protect you as well.  If you have any questions, be sure to reach out to the GLX Helmets team for sizing help!

The Importance Of Helmet Safety + GLX Helmets Review

The GLX Helmets Mission

GLX Helmets was established in Southern California in 2002. Since the inception of GLX, their mission is to manufacture safe, affordable, and high-quality products that are marketable in any economic climate.  Their product lineup is awesome and we love our GX23 Sear Green.


So tell me, who do you know that would love a new GLX Helmet?  What’s your biggest safety tip for riders?

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  • Sarah L

    So glad he was wearing his helmet. So important for kids to remember them. And I think it helps that this helmet is just cool looking.

  • Ashley Parks

    I’m so glad he is ok and was wearing his helmet. We rode 4 wheelers, dirt bikes, and go carts when I was a child and were not consistent with wearing our helmets. I look back and thank God that none of us were seriously hurt. I didn’t really think much about safety until I had little ones of my own, but its so important.

  • Peggy Nunn

    This sounds like it is a really good helmet. I am glad he was wearing one. Safety is so important.

  • monique s

    This looks like a high quality helmet. Protective but sleek too

  • Carrie

    My niece crashed on her dirtbike last year and broke her arm as well. Her helmet saved her head too. This sounds like a gret helmet, we will definitely need to check out this brand when it is time to purchase her a new one.

  • Dana Rodriguez

    WOW how scary for you guys. I am glad he is ok. Looks like a nice helmet.

  • Lauryn R

    This must have been so scary! I am so glad that he is okay though. A good helmet is so important and this definitely looks like a really well made one.

  • gloria patterson

    Thank God he had the helmet on!! Years ago my brothers were bike riders on the highway. Mom had a rule OK to ride if they had their helmets on. And if she was out and caught you without the helmet the bike was gone. And one of my brothers had a wreck but thank God he was wear his helmet. It happens so quickly

  • Leela

    I’m glad he’s ok!

  • Peggy Nunn

    That is a very nice helmet. Has he fully recovered yet?

  • monique s

    I think on something like a dirt bike it is an abaolute. I will check them out for sure for other ones for bikes and scooters

  • monique s

    I think that the look of this is super cool and that will make kids more happy to wear it

  • monique s

    I am impressed wtih the field of vision this supports. Great that one can get a good peripherial with this

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