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By Amber

March 8th, 2022

There are affiliate links in this post. These statements are not evaluated by the FDA and this post is not meant to be medical advice. It’s simply what works for our family! 

My family loves all products natural and organic, and we turn to them over conventional medicine whenever possible. Right now, Earthley is having a sale where you can save 37% on the most expensive product in your cart through 3/9/2022! I wanted to share some of my favorite products with you and how they’ve helped our family.

elderberry elixir

Elderberry Elixir is our favorite remedy for staying healthy over winter! Our whole family takes it daily and we prefer it over elderberry syrup because it isn’t so sugary. There are two options: original or kids, but we actually all take the kids because it’s more palatable. Since we started taking elderberry and staying on top of our Vitamin D in the winter, we’ve noticed a drastic change in the amount of colds and illnesses we have. All of the ingredients are organic and plant-based. The elixir is also free from artificial flavors, colors, preservatives, and common allergens (soy, corn, dairy, tree nuts, gluten, peanuts, sesame, fish).

vitamin d cream

For Vitamin D, Earthley also has an amazing option in their lineup! Studies show that vitamin D is absorbed nearly eight times better topically than orally. Plus, this cream has Vitamins D, A, E, and K2 which is better for absorption than just Vitamin D. It’s safe for all ages.

feel better fast

When we do catch the odd cold (and when we had covid!) we use Feel Better Fast. We seem to recover so much faster when we add this to our hydration and rest protocol. Plus, it tastes good! Our kids are happy to take it when they aren’t feeling well and the reviews on Earthley’s site speak for themselves!

pain potion

For pain relief (especially headaches), we used to always turn to OTC remedies. However, with recent studies about Tylenol depleting Glutathione, we’ve leaned more towards natural options. Our kids have only ever used this Pain Potion for pain and it works so well. Plus, it helps to relax muscles and is great for headaches. 

earache ease

Would you believe that we’ve never needed an antibiotic for an ear infection? Earache Ease is simply EVOO with organic mullein leaf and we’ve found that it works amazingly at the first sign of ear infection. It’s natural and effective for both kids and adults. We’ve also used it for swimmer’s ear and general sinus pressure. 

teeth tamer

Even though our kids are way past the teething stage, we still use Earthley’s Teeth Tamer! That’s because our kids are now at the “losing teeth” stage and when they have wiggly teeth, they hurt! Plus, once their new teeth start coming in, those are uncomfortable too. Teeth Tamer makes SUCH a difference and they know to ask for it when they’re sore. I wish we’d had this when they were babies and getting teeth for the first time, too!


Last but not least are a couple of our favorite salves! We have the Arnica Salve, Black Drawing Salve, All-Purpose Salve, and Breathe Well salve. They’re perfect for travel and they’re great for small hands, too. When our kids get stung by a bee, we grab the Black Drawing Salve to reduce pain and help get the stinger out. Arnica Salve is perfect for bruising and muscle pain. Breathe Well is a natural alternative to Vicks that I feel more comfortable putting on my kids chests and feet. Finally, All-Purpose is my go-to for small cuts, scrapes, and burns. We have the whole Travel Salve Stick Set (which is on sale now!) and we love and use them all.

We use so many Earthley products and they’re always coming out with brand new, awesome alternatives to conventional remedies. If you’re into herbal tinctures (or are looking into it for the first time), they’re going to be a great option. Please let me know in the comments if you have ANY questions! And don’t forget, through 3/9/2022, you can get 37% off the most expensive item in your cart (this is the best deal I’ve ever seen from the company). Plus, free shipping over $50! 

Check out all of their products: Earthley






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  • Peggy Nunn

    This sounds very nice and safe. I will look into it. Thank you for the post.

    • Thanks for reading, Peggy! We love all of their supplements/remedies/products because they’re safe and full of clean ingredients. Let me know if you have any questions because we’ve used a lot more than I talked about in this post!

  • Leela

    They look worth trying. The regular items at the store for coughs/throat don’t work.

    • Amber

      I know the feeling, Leela! We’ve had the same issue. I really like the Breathe Right salve and Cough-B-Gone from Earthley! Let me know what you think if you give them a try!

  • Lauryn R

    These sound like great all natural products for the whole family, I would definitely love to try them! I always try to go for all-natural relief when it comes to my family.

  • Ashley Parks

    We try to use only natural and organic products too. I am a big elderberry fan! I need to check out the Earache Ease and maybe keep some on hand for summer! We have a pool and swim for hours daily each summer, so this would be good to have around in case of swimmer’s ear.

  • Kelly M.

    My husband and I really could have used the Feel Better Fast tincture earlier this week! We caught a really bad virus (not Covid). Luckily, we’re mostly recovered now. These supplements look like they’re worth looking into; I do try to use natural remedies whenever possible. I could see myself taking the elderberry supplement on a regular basis as a way to help prevent illnesses. I’ve heard lots of good things about elderberry.

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