playing a donner piano
By Amber

May 5th, 2022

Thanks to Donner for sending me this beautiful keyboard. As always, all opinions are my own. There are affiliate links in this post.

I started playing piano in middle school and though I haven’t taken lessons for years, I still have muscle memory of some of my favorite songs. My kids are old enough now where they can start taking lessons, but we really don’t have room in our house for a full-sized piano. Keyboards have come such a long way since I was a teen, and Donner offers some of the very best in quality. I knew a Donner Keyboard Piano would be a great option for us!

donner ddp-80 keyboard

Donner DDP-80 88 Key Weighted Keyboard Piano

The Donner DDP-80 is an 88-Key Weighted Keyboard Piano. It has the same number of keys as a full-sized piano and can be used by beginners and experienced pianists alike. Keyboards with weighted keys are the only way to go, in my opinion. Not only are the keys weighted, but the bass keys are heavier and the treble keys are lighter, too. 

weighted keys

I was immediately drawn to the realistic wooden look of this keyboard piano, and I love how small the footprint is. It doesn’t take up nearly as much space as the piano my parents were trying to get my to take from their house! Even though it’s smaller, that doesn’t take away from the quality of this product. It’s quite sturdy, and since the stand is attached, you may want to assemble it in the room you plan to keep it. 

donner weighted keyboard piano

One thing I haven’t mentioned yet is that this keyboard piano is digital! It has two built-in speakers and a 20W+20W amp. The option to plug headphones into it for solo practicing is one of my favorite aspects. I love listening to our daughter Harper play, but when she’s working on the same thing for hours and hours, I don’t mind a little break! 

donner keyboard presser foot

Just like an acoustic piano, the Donner DDP-80 has three sustain pedals for creating beautiful music. The tone from this keyboard is based off an acoustic French grand piano. One of the best parts is that we never have to tune it-the sound is always classic and on-key! Growing up, I remember my parents getting our piano tuned and that it didn’t happen very often. 

donner music app

One of the best things that comes with the purchase of a Donner Keboard is that you get access to the Donner Music App. Donner has teamed up with professors from Berklee College of Music to offer the Donner Berklee Tutor Course Series, a unique set of music courses available free to the public. Their goal is to help make music education accessible to everyone. And since the DDP-80 is digital, you can connect easily to any Mac, PC, iOS, or Android device via USB-MIDI port for online lessons!

donner ddp-80

I’m so impressed by the DDP-80 and I’ve been recommending Donner to friends who don’t have room for a large acoustic piano, but still want their children to learn how to play. I think this is a fantastic option!

  • Buy it: Amazon
  • Discount: Through 5/6, save 5% on the DDP-80 if you purchase from the Amazon link above! Use the code DDP80NOW at checkout. Plus, they currently have a $50 coupon you can clip to save even more!





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  • gloria patterson

    This is really great! This does take over a room that a stand piano does. Its a high price then a keyboard but it does a lot more. This would be a good investment for parents

  • Barrie

    I love this piano! I have a full sized keyboard but would love a piano. the size of this is perfect and looks like it can fit into any small space.

  • Maryann D.

    This Donner Keyboard Piano is just wonderful. So attractive looking and modern. My dad would have loved this, he was a terrific keyboard player.

  • Peggy Nunn

    What a great idea for these days. I love it. If my girls wanted to play, that is what I would get.

  • Mia Rose

    This looks like such a good piano to encourage kids to practice and learn their skills. Not having to get it tuned is a real plus.

  • Ashley Parks

    I love that this is weighted and that you can use headphones with it. We have a very old upright that my girls and I all use daily, but its definitely having issues. I would love to have a keyboard to practice on in the evenings. I think the headphones would enable me to practice even while the kids are asleep.

  • Christy Gamber

    What a space saver But yet the perks of a full piano! I love it!

  • Leela

    Wow, that looks great! And it looks so much easier to move it around.

  • Lauryn R

    This is such a nice keyboard; it is like a mini piano! I really like the high-quality look and feel of it, it definitely seems like the perfect option. A full-size piano is way too big and are really expensive as well, so this is what I would buy for my kids to learn on as well. Thank you so much for your review!

  • Peggy Nunn

    This looks so nice and doesn’t take up much room. Good things all the way around.

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