newair outdoor misting fan
By Amber

May 19th, 2024

Thanks to Newair for sending me this fan! As always, all opinions are my own. There are affiliate links in this post.

Do summers get really hot where you live? If so, I have just the thing for you! I recently heard that Newair has an Outdoor Misting Fan which, as you can imagine, is a combination oscillating fan and water mister that can be used outside when it’s hot. Now, I didn’t even know misting fans were a thing (aside from the handheld ones people carry around at Disney World) but now that we have one I’ve been telling everyone about it! 

Newair Outdoor Misting and Pedestal Fan – SKU FMF2K5BK00

newair outdoor misting fan

Newair’s Outdoor Misting Fan is a heavy-duty pedestal fan. My husband assembled it out of the box in less than 15 minutes and it feels very sturdy. That said, I can easily move it indoors and outdoors which is important since I’ll likely be using it the most this summer. It’s important to note that the fan is not waterproof so it should be brought indoors after each use to keep it in good running condition. There are three nozzles on the fan where the water mists out, and combined with the power of the fan the product itself doesn’t get wet. 

newair outdoor misting fan

This pedestal fan is extremely powerful and even on the low setting it was putting out a nice breeze. It’s not hot yet in Minnesota but we have had quite a few rain storms lately that have left our basement damp. We actually put this fan into the basement because on the third setting, combined with the oscillating feature, it circulates a LOT of air in a short amount of time. That alone makes it worth it for our family!

newair misting fan

In the summer, I can totally see myself laying out in the hammock on a 100°F day with the misting fan running next to me to keep me cool! As you can see, you simply attach your hose to the Newair fan to activate the misting feature. On the fan side of the connector there’s an on/off lever so you can adjust it as necessary. Now, if you’re concerned about the fact that this fan plugs into an electrical outlet and also uses water, worry no more! My husband (who is an electrician) was very pleased to see that the cord for this fan is GFCI protected. That means that if any water were to reach the electrical portion of this fan, it would immediately ‘trip’ and shut off. So you can feel completely safe using this fan without worrying about any risk of electrical issue.

newair misting fan GFCI cord

There are three misters on the fan and you’ll get an extra three with the fan-this is great in case you have really hard water that may clog or cause issues with them. We have fairly hard water so it will be interesting to see how that affects these misters in the summer, but I’m confident that we’ll be able to descale them if necessary, and we’ll have extras to replace them in the meantime. 

newair misting fan

Overall I’m really excited about this fan and can’t wait for hot summer weather to utilize it more! Our two kids will probably love spending time outdoors and running quickly through this like a small sprinkler – HA! I can also see us using just the fan feature on hot summer evenings to keep the bugs away. We have crazy mosquitoes during the summer that make it miserable to sit outside as it turns to dusk. Moving air usually really helps with this issue, so I’m excited to have this Newair Misting Fan to try out.

newair misting fan

If you live somewhere hot, be sure to check out this misting, oscillating fan from Newair! You won’t be disappointed!

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  • Leela

    It looks like an awesome fan.

  • OMG! This is like every moms dream come true!!! Image sitting on the back porch during the summer while the kids fingerpaint and at the same time…they are cooling off with a misting fan!!! *squeeeee!* Imagine sitting outside with the kids and the dogs while enjoying a nice slice of watermelon while enjoying a misty breeze!!! **squeeeee!!!!** Yes! This sounds heavenly!!!!! South Florida heat! Y’all…I need this!!!!

  • Maria Egan

    This would make it so much more enjoyable to sit on my back deck during our hot dry summer weather. Who knew there was such a neat fan.

  • Darla c

    That’s great it can be used indoors and out. I appreciate your tips and also describing the features. It’s a really interesting -and useful-product.

  • Lauryn R

    This is the coolest fan ever; I love that it blows mist! This would be so useful here in Texas where it gets SUPER hot. You pretty much can’t be outside for longer than 5 minutes without some form of water. I am definitely going to have to invest in one of these. Thank you so much for sharing!

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