Newair NPOE12BK00 Portable Electric Indoor and Outdoor Pizza Oven
By Amber

January 29th, 2024

Thanks to Newair for sending me this amazing Pizza Oven! As always, all opinions are my own. There are affiliate links in this post. 

Are you looking for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for someone who has everything? They you HAVE to check out this brand new Pizza Oven from Newair! I know that my husband is going to be so excited when he opens it. He’s been wanting a pizza oven for awhile, and this one is so versatile. I can’t wait to share all of the details with you, along with a discount exclusive for Emily Reviews readers!

Newair NPOE12BK00 Portable Electric Indoor and Outdoor Pizza Oven

Have you ever seen the kids show Bluey? One of the episodes is called Hammerbarn and it’s absolutely hilarious. One of the main points of the episode is that Bluey’s dad sees that his neighbor has a pizza oven so he has to go buy one too. Anyway, my family all loves the episode so much that we’ll walk around talking about pizza ovens in an Australian accent just like Bluey’s family! When I saw that Newair had a brand new Portable Electric Pizza Oven, I knew that my husband would be so excited about it and I had to check it out!

newair pizza oven

This Newair NPOE12BK00 Portable Electric Indoor and Outdoor Pizza Oven comes with the oven itself, a 12″ stone for cooking the pizza on, a pizza peel (to remove the pizza from the oven), and a door baffle. The door is actually just to use while heating up the pizza oven, to retain the temperature as it increases. You won’t use the door while cooking a pizza at all. 

newair pizza oven

As the name suggests, this pizza oven is completely portable. The legs fold down for easy storage and it even comes with a dust-proof cover if you choose to use and store it outside. I can definitely see us taking the pizza oven camping this summer and each creating our own specialty pizza! It’s also going to be so great for hanging out with friends on the patio. The stone is easy to remove and I plan to keep it wrapped in bubble wrap during travel as pizza stones are fairly breakable. 

newair pizza oven

On the back of the pizza oven you’ll find the dial for cooking. The Newair Pizza Oven has dual-heating elements that have a power rating of 1850W. They’re designed to evenly distribute heat throughout the oven so your pizza will end up deliciously bubbly with a perfect crust. I can’t wait to start trying new pizza recipes – it reminds me of the wood-fired pizza place options that I’ve seen popping up around Minnesota!

newair pizza oven

Overall I’m so impressed with this pizza oven and I know my husband will be excited to get it for Valentine’s Day. He’s incredibly hard to shop for, so I recently said “oh look a pizza oven!” while we were out shopping to gauge his reaction. He said “oooh, we should really get a pizza oven!” so I know it’s going to be a hit. I can’t wait for him to open it on Valentine’s Day!

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  • Anne

    What a great appliance! We are definitely pizza lovers in this house, and Newair’s pizza oven would be a fun splurge for us. I bet your husband will be very happy with his Valentine’s Day gift.

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