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Comfy Joey is owned and operated by Ayesha Ghatala Shoaib, who is a stay at home mom. Ayesha discovered the joys of baby wearing after the birth of her second child and founded Comfy Joey when he was just a few months old. Ayesha is now the mother of four and still considers baby wearing a very valuable tool for daily life and runs Comfy Joey while raising her children.

I have never used a ring sling before but have heard time and time again how great they are. So when I came across Comfy Joey, I really wanted to try one out. I was sent the Boracay *CITRUS-ORANGE LINEN* Ring Sling. This is a 100% linen fabric which is slightly stiff at first, yet still quite comfortable.  I really liked the fact that an instructional DVD was also included along with the sling.  It was very helpful and showed me multiple carrying positions, how to correctly put the ring sling on, and the different types of ring slings/styles that are available.  For cleaning, you cold wash the sling and air dry.

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I chose the Boracay *Citrus-Orange Linen* because I thought it would be a fun color for the Summer.  The color is a beautiful bright orange and I”m glad I chose it.  I was a little nervous about putting our youngest in the Ring Sling but the video answered all my questions and gave me information on ways to baby wear that I hadn’t thought possible in a Ring Sling.

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The video showed me how to do the pouch carry where the baby is tucked in like a little Joey kangaroo.  Our son just turned one recently and he didn’t seem to care for this hold.  Although he fit fine, he just wanted to turn towards me.

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I also tried out the back carry.  I had seen photos of this carry before but never thought it would be so simple.  The instructional DVD did a wonderful job in showing the steps to manage this carry.  The back carry is not for small infants but it worked well for our one year old.  He felt nice and secure after a couple easy adjustments with the tail on the Ring Sling.

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My Comfy Joey Ring Sling says it’s use is good for newborn through 30 pounds.  Our 2 year old is not quite 30 pounds yet so I tried him with the toddler carry.  Again, the instructional DVD was amazing and gave me the confidence that I had the Sling on correctly.

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I have to say that I really love this Ring Sling.  I am excited to have another option in my stash for baby wearing and I think I will be pulling my Comfy Joey out often.  It’s lightweight and will be a cooler choice than my regular carrier.  I have a wrap carrier but have such a hard time getting a good fit and there is so much material involved that it get’s dirty from touching the ground before I can get it wrapped on me.  This ring sling has all the benefits of that wrap carrier without the hassle.  I used it for a full day of running and had no problems and lots of compliments.  This ring sling got more comments and compliments in one particular day than any other carrier I’ve ever used.  Someone said something at each stop we went to.  We went to the Doctors Office, Vet Outlet Store, Library, a Local Boutique, and a Local Flower Shop.

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Buy It: Head over to Comfy Joey to see for yourself the great selection of Slings they offer.

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