Thank you to Bari Koral Family Rock Band for sending me a copy of their new release “The Apple Tree & The Honey Bee” for review.  All opinions are my own.

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I love having music flow through our home.  Whether one of our children is practicing a musical instrument such as piano or violin or if we are listening to a cd or the radio, the mood in the house becomes instantly upbeat when there is music.  The kids join in by singing, dancing, or evening jumping around to the beat.  So we aways have extra excitement in the house when we break open a new cd and we were thrilled to receive the new Bari Koral Family Rock Band album “The Apple Tree & The Honey Bee.”

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The Apple Tree & The Honey Bee album includes:

~ Dancing Bear
~ Apple Tree
~ Big Truck
~ Birthday
~ Bee
~ When I’m Five
~ Sisters & Brothers
~ Roller Coaster
~ Yes & No
~ Fall Down
~ Back To The Farm
~ Give A Hug

With a running time of 34 minutes, this CD has been on repeat in our home since it arrived.  The kids especially love the upbeat tune of the very first song “Dancing Bear” and claim that as their favorite.  The entire cd is filled with great music, catchy tunes, and upbeat listening.

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Buy It: Head over to Bari Koral Family Rock Band to learn more about what they offer.  “The Apple Tree & The Honey Bee’ is set to be released May 13, 2014 and will be available at, iTunes, Barnes & Noble, and other independent retailers throughout the country.

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