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Do you have any avid game players in your home?  I grew up playing board games with my sister.  Then, after my husband and I got married, we’d spend evenings sitting in the living room challenging each other to a variety of games too.  As our children have grown, they’ve also developed a love for a great game.  One problem that seemed to surface over the years, though, was when there were only two players.  Most games, while they can accommodate only two players, are truly better when played with more.  So when I saw the new 2-player Crozzit game from Identity Games, I was super excited to partner with them for this review and giveaway.

Classic grid board games will never go out of style and Crozzit is definitely a must have.  Geared for ages 8 and up, our 6 year old was able to figure it out quickly as well.  Fast paced with a seemingly simple challenge, this game will be the game you always ALMOST win!  With just three simple rules, this game can be played in about 20 minutes (or less).

Each player chooses either yellow or blue and take their 30 matching tiles.  On each turn, the player chooses one of their tiles and places it anywhere on the board (but it can’t go over the edge or over another player.)  The goal and way to win is to build a “road” from one side to the other on their matching colored sides.

While the first game was super quick because we were all figuring out the best strategies and forgot defense, from game two and on, Crozzit has become a fast favorite.  Being able to place tiles practically anywhere as well as starting new roads on any turn allows for players to block but then when an opponent surprisingly crosses over in an unseen bridge.  The entire game can change in an instant!

Crozzit is competitive, requires strategical planning, and uses critical thinking.  Play is fast enough to keep anyone’s attention and still loads of fun.  The kids have been playing it daily since it arrived and absolutely love it.  This game would definitely make a great birthday gift or even, if thinking ahead to Christmas, a great Christmas gift!

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