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FlexiSpot: Deskcise Pro V9 All-in-One Desk Bike | Emily Reviews
FlexiSpot: Deskcise Pro All-in-One Desk Bike

I received the Deskcise Pro V9 All-In-One Desk Bike From  FlexiSpot to facilitate this post.  All opinions are my own.

Do you struggle to find time to exercise each day?  Please tell me I’m not alone?  Even though I have the best of intentions, the last thing I typically have time to do is get in a work-out.  So even though I try to be active, take the stairs when it’s an option, etc., I was still on the hunt for a better way to sneak in a little exercise and activity.  And then I found it with FlexiSpot!


The FlexiSpot company designs and offers several great ergonomic products to help make your life easier, more balanced, and comfortable.

FlexiSpot: Deskcise Pro All-in-One Desk Bike

Deskcise Pro V9: All-In-One Desk Bike

This combination exercise bike and standing desk is just what I needed!


The first thing I tend to ask with something new is “how long will it take me to put it together?”  Because I dread long and hard assembly.  So I was pleasantly surprised that FlixiSpot really put a lot of effort into making assembling the Deskcise Pro V9 easy.  How easy do you ask?  Well, how about a minute or so!

FlexiSpot: Deskcise Pro All-in-One Desk Bike

The Purpose: Work While You Work Out!

If you like to multi-task, the Deskcise Pro V9 All-in-One Desk Bike may be just the thing for you!  With many jobs these days being desk jobs, most people are fairly inactive while working or playing.  So if you’re like me, you get stiff, sore, and even worse, ineffective at getting my work done!

But now FlexiSpot offers a way to get moving while you work (or watch tv, surf the web, read, etc.)  The Deskcise Pro V9 lets users do light exercise during a variety of activities with the ingenious built-in trestle table!

FlexiSpot: Deskcise Pro All-in-One Desk Bike

Deskcise Pro V9 Features

Designed with convenience in mind, you find some great features with the Deskcise Pro V9 including:

  • Easy To Use
  • Fully Adjustable Standing Desk And Exercise Bike Combo
  • Allows You To Adjust While Sitting
  • Large Stable Desktop
  • Fully Adjustable Desktop & Seat
  • Wheels For Easy Moving (Which Lock Into Place When Someone Is Sitting On Bike!)
    FlexiSpot: Deskcise Pro All-in-One Desk Bike
  • 8 Magnetic Resistance Levels
  • Quiet & Smooth Operation
  • Small Footprint, Perfect When Not In Use
  • Can Be Used By A Variety Of Ages 
  • Includes Pedal Covers (So You Can Use Wearing Socks!)
  • Safe Design With No Moving Wheel Or Spokes Visible For Little Fingers To Get Hurt On

FlexiSpot: Deskcise Pro All-in-One Desk Bike

FlexiSpot: Deskcise Pro All-in-One Desk Bike

FlexiSpot: Deskcise Pro All-in-One Desk Bike

Final Thoughts

I think FlexiSpot really did a great job with their Deskcise Pro V9.  It works as it says, I like the crisp clean design, and it’s easy to use.  Totally a win for us!

FlexiSpot: Deskcise Pro All-in-One Desk Bike

Buy It: Head over to FlexiSpot to see for yourself the great selection of innovative products they offer.

Connect: Don’t forget to like FlexiSpot on Facebook, follow them on Twitter and Instagram, and subscribe to their You Tube Channel for all the latest news and promotions.

This post currently has 9 responses.

  • Peggy Nunn

    I really like this. I have not heard of the Flexispot. I will have to check it out. I would like to exercise while I am surfing the web. I bet my husband would like to also.

  • gloria patterson

    This I would love to have! As a senior I always worry about how much work to assemble but this is a piece of cake. I WANT ONE!

  • Nidhi Chauhan

    I love this idea and concept behind this Flexispot all in one bike. I would love this in my home office.

  • Lauryn R

    What a brilliant idea, I love it! This is definitely a cool idea to not only be able to stand while on the computer, but work out as well! I would use it. 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing!

  • Darcy L Koch

    I think I would enjoy exercise a little more if I could keep myself distracted while doing so. I’m surprised I never saw something like this before.

  • ellen beck

    I really like the design on this desk. It actually looks like there is enough room to work and to pedal and not jerk things about. It looks sturdy. Now if they can make one that powers the computer- that would be incentive ha! OK thats a dream until then, this would be a wonderful way to get some exercise in.

  • Donna porter

    I have not heard of the FlexiSpot until now. This is perfect since I am on my laptop so much. I could do many things at one time!

  • Rachel

    This is very nice you can exercise and be on your laptop. Two in one is a great idea.

  • gloria patterson

    This is something I would like to have you can be working and exercising at the same time. And it looks so easy to put together.

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