DMoose Pull Up Doorway Bar
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This ‘DMoose Pull Up Doorway Bar’ post is sponsored by DMoose.  As always, all opinions are my own.

Our kids love to hear my husband tell stories from his childhood.  I have to admit, so do I.  He had a much more adventurous upbringing than I did but I’m sure that’s in part because he had 5 siblings, lived in the country, and farmed.  We only had 3 kids in our family total and I spent the majority of my childhood at home with my sister while my parents worked and my brother went to daycare.  Anyway, he’s got several stories about how the boys of the family (there were 5 total as the last sibling was one lonely sister) would challenge each other to all sorts of contests.  That included doing pull-ups/chin-ups.  As a matter of fact, one of his brothers even installed a pull-up bar in the basement to practice.  My husband also tells about how they used a beam in the barn to practice during chores too.

Well, with all these stories, my boys really wanted a pull up bar of their own.  So when I saw the DMoose Pull Up Doorwary Bar, I thought that would be a great option for our family.

DMoose Pull Up Doorway Bar

DMoose Pull Up Doorway Bar

Gone are the days where my husband had to make do with old household (or barn) equipment for a workout.  Our family is super excited about the revolutionary pull-up bar that has reinvented the future of home exercise.  You can use this high quality pull-up bar for building abs, biceps, triceps, back, and shoulders.

It’s easily portable and can be taken along in your regular routine when traveling or visiting relatives or friends. It works best in doorways, against walls, or any other sturdy fixtures.  The DMoose Pull Up Doorway Bar makes is easier to get the toned body you always wanted!

DMoose Pull Up Doorway Bar

Features At A Glance:

  • Includes Multi-grip Handles
  • No more gym memberships! It’s affordable and convenient.
  • Sturdy, Adjustable & Lightweight
  • Easily Mounts To A Doorway
  • Build Muscle Mass & Strength
  • Firm Posture & Improve Posture

DMoose Pull Up Doorway Bar

Assembly & Installation The DMoose Pull Up Doorway Bar

I will say that we were a bit disappointed that they didn’t include assembly instructions in the package.  Instead, there was a card where you have to use a smart phone and scan the code.  We tried all three smart phones that we own and each one would bring up the page that said assembly instructions, yet it was blank.  So we had to go by photos of the item to assemble the bar.  It was only 6 screws so not rocket science but we much prefer to know we’ve assembled something correctly than to guess.  Because there were no instructions, we also took an educated guess on how to install the bar in the doorway.  It appears to just rest on the top of the trim and then support against the door frame.  So it doesn’t necessarily fully ‘install’ in a secure fashion and you do have to be careful so as to not knock it down when grabbing on.  However, once you’ve grabbed on tightly, the bar is secure.  While an adult would have no issues, I do worry about letting the kids do pull ups unsupervised.

DMoose Pull Up Doorway Bar

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  • Dana Rodriguez

    This sounds like a great way to get tone without all the bulky home equipment. Very nice review!

  • monique s

    This looks so handy and like a great upper body workout

  • Lauryn R

    I would definitely be disappointed to not have instructions, especially since you could get hurt if not installed correctly. It sounds like you did it right though! My son would especially love having this.

  • Maryann D.

    This looks like a terrific product for my son. I would like him to try DMoose Pull Up Doorway Bar since he is interested in working out now.

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