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By Amber

September 13th, 2022

Thanks to Ultimea for sending product in exchange for sharing this survey. As always, all opinions are my own. 

Ultimea Group is a new brand focusing on the field of audiovisual entertainment. Ultimea and its brother brands Bomaker/Aboxtek/Calmdo/Lurek are offering a HUGE giveaway right now, simply for taking a short survey! The survey takes less than three minutes to complete. This giveaway includes over $2,000 in prizes. Here are some of the items you could win!

  • 1 × Ultimea Odine IV Soundbar 
  • 1 × ABOX Vacuum Sealer Machine
  • 1 × CalmDo Smokeless Indoor Grill  
  • 1 × CalmDo Juicer Machine 
  • 1 × Urikar Pro 2 Muscle Massage Gun
  • 10 × Amazon Giftcard ($10 per card)
  • 15 × Bomaker SiFi Earphones 
  • 50 × Coupon Pack (20% OFF all brands) 

ultimea soundbar






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