strongboard balance board
By Amber

May 2nd, 2023

Thanks to StrongBoard for sending me a sample. As always, all opinions are my own. 

I’m always on the hunt for more tools for effective home work-outs. I live in a small town that doesn’t have a gym so all of my exercising is done at home. We don’t have a ton of space for equipment, but I recently added something that I’ve found to be incredibly effective that I wanted to share with everyone. As we head towards Mother’s Day, this could make a great gift idea for a mom or grandma in your life that wants to work on more stability and core strength. Plus, I’ve got a giveaway for one lucky reader!


StrongBoard Balance Board

This fantastic piece of equipment is called a StrongBoard Balance Board. In a nutshell, it’s a fitness tool that allows you to use your own body weight to work out. You can do something very simple, like just standing on it to build up your core. Or, you can use the included book of exercises and library of videos from StrongBoard to work all of your muscle groups at once, or even isolate certain muscles you’d like to train. 


The board itself is made of industrial, military-grade Polylac and automotive springs. The springs are STRONG and so is the material of the board. One of the best features is the non-slip bottom – you can feel comfortable doing a wide range of motions on the board without worrying about it slipping out from under you. It’s also built to last and feels very heavy-duty and high-quality.


As a busy mom, I was really looking for something to help me maximize my workouts. Because the StrongBoard Balance Board utilizes technology that doesn’t allow for stabilization, my muscles are constantly engaged. This means I’m working harder and burning more calories, which will (hopefully) lead to quicker results. I couldn’t believe the wide variety of exercises I can do on this – and some of them are really hard! Since having kids, I’ve also wanted to work on having a stronger core, and this is the perfect tool to make that happen.


The StrongBoard is great for moms like me who want a well-rounded, effective home workout, but that’s certainly not the only type of person who can benefit. I’ve read about professional athletes using this, people recovering from injuries and utilizing it for therapy, and seniors who are trying to build up muscle. It’s amazing how much of a workout you can get just by using your own body weight to train. I can’t wait to continue using this and see the results over time! 

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  • gloria patterson

    As a senior sorry there is no way I would try to stand on much less use. NOW if there was something for me to hold on to so I didn’t fall I would give it a shot because it does look interesting

  • Maria Egan

    I have used a regular balance board and found it useful. This would add an interesting element to work out times.

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