my lovely feline ceramic feeder
By Amber

March 28th, 2022

Thanks to My Lovely Feline for sending me these Ceramic Slow Feeders. As always, all opinions are my own.

It’s no secret, if you’ve followed the blog for awhile, that our four cats are additional family members to us and we love them dearly! Recently we noticed that a couple of our cats are getting rather plump and we want to correct that before it becomes a big problem. We typically feed all of the cats together and they share a couple of bowls, but we’ve realized that isn’t ideal. When I heard about My Lovely Feline’s Ceramic Slow Feeders, I thought they sounded like a great option for us! 

my lovely feline ceramic feeder

The design of these Ceramic Slow Feeders is really unique. The bumps in the feeder prevent cats from gobbling down there food and helps them eat slower. We have issues with a couple of our cats basically inhaling food and then vomiting just minutes later; this feeder helps to mitigate that issue. Fast eating can also cause weight gain because cats don’t take the time to get ‘full’ feeling (just like humans!) so that’s another benefit to using the Ceramic Slow Feeder.

my lovely feline ceramic feeder

Cats can have serious issues when they become overweight (diabetes, heart disease, arthritis) so we want to do our best to keep our cats at a healthy weight (and a couple of them could afford to lose some already). Being indoor cats, they don’t get as much exercise as outdoor felines, and being spayed and neutered makes them a bit more docile. If adding this ceramic feeder to their daily lives will help, I’m all for it! 

my lovely feline ceramic feeder

I’ve always wondered why our cats won’t eat the food at the bottom of the dish, but I found out it’s because they hate their whiskers getting irritated by the bowl edges. Who know that cats’ whisker roots were loaded with blood vessels and nerves? Not me! This feeder is flat which eliminates that problem. 

my lovely feline ceramic feeder

The Ceramic Slow Feeder also gives cats some mental and physical stimulation as they have to work for each piece of kibble. They can’t just simply go in and gorge themselves. As you can tell, our cats are really loving their new feeders and I’m excited about the health benefits that will come along with using them. We use a variety of other products from My Lovely Feline as well! Check out my previous blog post to see what else they have to offer. 

my lovely feline ceramic feeder


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  • Ashley Parks

    These look like a really neat way to get a pet to slow down and eat at a better pace. I don’t have any cats, but one of my German Shepherds wolfs her food down as fast as possible and moves on to our other shepherd’s food. I think this is a great idea! I need to see what options there are for doggies.

  • Sue E

    Our cat is a queen in our house and she eats like a piggy 🐷 At times I think she inhaled her food too! I think those ceramic feeders are not only useful but pretty. I was floored when I read that cat’s whiskers have roots that have blood vessels and nerves! I thought of myself as a person who was pretty knowledgeable about cats. They have been members of our family for over forty years. I hope I never unintentionally hurt one of them without knowing! Thank you for sharing!! This item was pin worthy for sure 😍

    • That whisker information was new news to me, too! Super interesting and it makes me want to be even more careful around them! And I agree, the feeders are so pretty πŸ™‚

  • Mia Rose

    I have not seen these bowls before. What a clever idea for our feline friends. I have been using a raised bowl for a cat that is senior and has arthritis.

  • Lauryn R

    These slow feeders are such a great idea! My dad’s cat also inhales his food so he could really use one of these. I also love that it is flat, I have never thought about how the edges of the bowl irritates their whiskers! I know that my cat likes to get a piece and then put it on the mat and eat it that way, maybe this is the reason for it.

  • Kelly M.

    We have four cats, too! One of them has a major tendency to overeat and he is a little overweight, which I worry about. I think this could be a viable solution! I like that it’s ceramic, not plastic.

  • Maryann D.

    Ceramic Slow Feeders is such a great idea. I never saw these before this review. I will look into it for my cat, Willow.

  • gloria patterson

    “Who know that cats’ whisker roots were loaded with blood vessels and nerves?”

    It has been years since my cats passed but I can remember now after reading this that perfert their foot in a flat plate. This is so smart cats can eat fast

  • Sandy C.

    What an awesome idea. I also really like the idea that cats have to work for each kibble bit. Preventing the gobbling and obesity is great, but the stimulation provided by “digging” through is even more important, IMHO. You can always offer less food, but to challenge your cat mentally is even better!

  • Lisa P.

    I keep hearing more and more about slow feeders and have been thinking about trying one. My cat also overeats and then throws up afterward. I like that this feeder is made of ceramic and not plastic. Also, as mentioned in your review, my cat won’t eat the food at the bottom of their bowl, as well. I assumed it was just stale and sat too long.

  • Sattwa Wygmans

    My cat is a speed eater and as you can imagine, sometimes that means the food comes out almost as fast as it goes in… (sorry for TMI!) One of these slow feeders may just be the answer for him. Thank you for the review!

  • Brett

    Loved this….My cat is always trying to get me to feed him at all hours. I was a dog guy before and I never realized how cats are needy in many ways even if their not hungry it gives them something to do when your gone. Great idea.

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