30+ gift ideas for older kids | holiday gift guide 2022

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Owl Crate Jr.

If you’re looking for a fun subscription box, look no further than Owl Crate Jr.!  This box is a perfect option for reluctant readers as well as book worms.  Owl Crate Jr. is an award-winning monthly subscription book box that delivers newly published hardcover novels and a collection of bookish goodies, all centered around the month’s theme, delivered right to your doorstep.

While the original OwlCrate boxes are designed for ages 14+, their OwlCrate Jr line is their Middle Grade box, designed for readers ages 8-12, or anyone young at heart!  These boxes are curated to encourage curiosity, creativity, and imagination in every child.  Subscriptions are available in 1 month, 3 months, and 6 month increments.

drum set

Paxcess Electronic Drum Set includes 1 snare, 3 toms, 1 crash, 1 ride, 1 hi-hat and 2 foot pedals play the sound of bass drum. This roll-up drum kit offers 5 Timbres, 8 demo Songs and 3 Rhythms, you can play different music styles. Kids can put this set in their backpacks for easy transporting. This drum kit has high-quality built-in dual speakers that bring you astonishing bass effects, no need to connect with other speakers. Sound volume can be adjusted as you need up to 10 levels, and the foot pedals can bring you a more realistic drumming experience.

Tom and Jerry

Get in the holiday spirit with Tom and Jerry Snowman’s Land Original Movie!  There’s magic in the air when Jerry and his nephew, Tuffy, make a snow mouse that miraculously comes to life.  Everyone will enjoy this classic with a twist as they try to keep their new friend Larry the Snow Mouse from melting.  Tuffy and Jerry race him to the fabled Snowman’s Village but in hot pursuit, you’ll see Tom the the devious Dr. Doublevay.  Get ready to go dashing through the snow in this epic tale loaded with songs, snow, thrills, laughter, and a bit of holiday magic.


My kids LOVE PlusPlus building sets and with this new set, kids everywhere can build “rawrsome’ beasts!  The Learn To Build Dinosaurs set makes following along in the illustrated guidebook, build 2D and 3D dinosaurs easy or you can even use your imagination to create your own special dinosaurs.  This set also features 2 baseplates for building a volcano and oasis.  Geared for ages 5 and up, this 400 piece set will have kids busy with screen-free fun for hours!

Mobo Cruiser Mobo Malibu Bike 20" children's bike

The classic gift of a new bike for Christmas will never go out of style!  This year, check out the Mobo Malibu 20″ Children’s Bike, designed for kids ages 6-10.  Parents will appreciate the safe design of this bike which includes six safety reflectors, soft rubber grips, step-through frame, and a chain guard.  This bicycle for kids even includes a rear coaster brake (reverse the pedals to stop) and a front hand-brake; easing the transition to an adult hand-brake bike when they’re ready.  The sturdy steel frame features wear and corrosion resistant paint that can handle the learning process of bike riding.  It’s the perfect bike for boys and girls and is available in three color options.

create like frida

Kids Crafts is a woman-owned company on a mission to expose girls to the stories of mighty women who have trailblazed a path before them. Through their crafts, girls have the opportunity to learn the stories of these remarkable women and create a tangible keepsake to remind them to be a trailblazer and not a spectator. Frida Kahlo is famous for her self-portraits full of bright colors, bold patterns, and unique symbols. Now, it’s time to encourage a young artist you know to get creative. With the LeadHER Create Like Frida Kit, she’ll customize three Frida Kahlo-inspired decal stickers with bright and bold paint colors, or paint whatever her heart desires on a blank decal for a one-of-a-kind functional piece of art. Once they’re dry, she’ll attach her favorite decal to the mirror and reflect on her new masterpiece, a signal to always be herself.

ark dino

Take a journey through the epochs in this family-friendly educational experience that invites players to learn about the fascinating prehistoric creatures in ARK: Dinosaur Discovery. Explore The Island across land, sea and air where you can discover 64 dinosaurs, all based on their real life, prehistoric counterparts. Ride a huge Tyrannosaurus Rex across the beautiful landscape, soar above the tree tops on the back of a Pteranodon, and even glide through the oceans while riding an ancient Megalodon Shark!

diy balloon sculpting kit

This DIY Balloon Sculpting Kit is the most comprehensive twisting balloon set available with everything you need! In this deluxe professional balloon set you’ll find 100 quality balloons, a Step-by-Step DVD tutorial and a double action balloon pump. This set will teach you how to easily create intermediate to advanced balloon shapes, flowers, animals with multiple balloons for maximum impact using the supplied professional modeling or twisting balloons! Recommended for ages 8+.





tummple! is Komarc’s flagship game which has sold over 200,000 units worldwide since its 2014 introduction. In tummple!, players will strategically place wood bricks and obstacles, called ‘tumps’ and watch the structure form up, down, sideways and every which way! Test your wits, dexterity and strategic thinking. It’s a game that will have you on the edge of your seat with each turn as you attempt to place your brick or block the other players. Be careful not to knock pieces off, or you’ll add those to your pile which will count against you at the end. 

Debbie lynn wolf coloring poster

Kids who like to color will have their socks knocked off when they receive a HUGE coloring poster. Debbie Lynn coloring posters are the largest on the market at 48″ by 63″! These will keep kids busy for a long time. They come in a bunch of animal designs, inspirational quote designs, holiday designs and more. The posters are sturdy enough that you can use markers on them without fear of bleeding through. Once completed, they’ll have an awesome poster to decorate their room with! 

Buy it: DebbieLynn.net.

instax mini

Five fun colors, super simple operation, selfie mode for your most share-worthy moments and auto-exposure for bright photos anywhere, anytime. What’s not to love? The instax mini 11 from Fujifilm is the perfect gift for kids on your shopping list! It offers auto-exposure mode for bright pictures in low light, one-touch selfie mode, and automatic exposure and flash. All instax mini Instant Film 2×3″ styles are compatible with this camera!


Looking for some fun new exercise equipment this holiday season? These handmade hoops from BringtheHoopla are perfect for beginners learning to get into the spin and overall hoop dance basics. The standard children’s beginner hoop recommendation ranges from 29′ or 34″ (inches) diameter, made with 3/4″ HDPE tubing. Made with a spiral of basic sequin decorative tape and gaffer tape for grip and a pop of color!

lucky voice karaoke

For kids who love to sing, check out the Lucky Voice Karaoke Kit! This 2.0 machine offers improved sound quality with crystal clear audio and feedback reduction. With four new vocal effects, kids will have so much fun singing their favorite songs streamed from a smartphone, laptop, or iPad via Bluetooth. This means they can have their playlist on a smart device ready to go. Your Karaoke Machine also includes a voucher to access Lucky Voice’s online singing platform – with over 10,000 songs, there’s hours of fun for everyone!

Jurassic World: Dominion Dinosaur Dig - Blue, T. Rex, and AmberKids are obsessed with fossil digs and this Jurassic World: Dominion Dinosaur Dig – Blue, T. Rex, and Amber.  It’s a an engaging STEM kit where kids get to play the part of a paleontologist on the hunt for evidence of these fascinating creatures that once roamed Earth. Use the included special hammer and chisel tools to carefully excavate models of a fossilized T. rex skeleton, a mosquito encased in amber, and a figurine of Blue, the lovable velociraptor from Jurassic World.  This educational gift teaches about how fossils are formed, how DNA traces might be found in amber, and fun facts about each of the dinosaurs.  It’s a dino lovers dream!

spoof game

Spoof is the hilarious bluffing board game that will have you talking and laughing all night. “Spoof” your friends by making up clever, fake answers to fun trivia such as “_______ is the national bird of Japan” or “_______ is illegal to have on your porch in Arizona.” Learn the game in just five minutes, with gameplay lasting about 30 minutes. Spoof is great for kids and adults alike – it’s perfect for groups, holiday parties, vacations and more! 


force1rc drone

The Scoot Pro is a hand drone from Force1RC that’s sure to be a hit during the holidays. This premium mini hand-operated UFO drone features bright LED lights, a 360° flight design, and a motion sensor for obstacle avoidance. Simply use your hands to fly the drone, catch and flip it gently whenever you want to stop. Its webbed shell design also protects all hand sizes, making it a safe and fun toy option for kids.

SmarterKids Tye Dye Kit

Encourage your child’s creative side with a Tulip Tie Dye kit from SmarterKids. Tie dye is a fun way to decorate T-shirts, bags, hats, socks and more. Aimed at ages 5-12, even young children can get beautiful results on their first try. In just three easy steps, they can create bright dyed color without the use of heat or hot water. The tie dye is non-toxic, is machine washable and won’t fade. The kit includes: Instructions, Professional Cold-Water Dyes, Applicator Bottles, Fixer, Gloves, Rubber Bands, and enough of the 5 colors of Dye to make as many as 30 projects. 

aliens and fish

In this thinking game, players accumulate as many points as they can by carefully matching and stacking wooden picturebricks on a rotating game board grid. Each picturebrick is printed with wacky characters and objects. Aliens and Fish is the ultimate family game with lots of educational value, including spatial reasoning, image association and strategic thinking. The unique game play and silly images make this game memorable…easily a favorite for both kids and adults. The game comes in a bright colored compact box, and includes instructions, board grid, 36 beautifully printed wooden bricks, 100 mini points cubes, and a canvas bag.

  • Buy it: Amazon (Clip a coupon at checkout for 50% off today!)

osmo creative kit

Osmo’s Creative Starter Kit combines bestsellers the Monster, Newton, Masterpiece, which invite kids to imagine, invent, explore and play, using an inspiring mix of art tools and cutting-edge technology, while being critical to learning, dexterity and skill development. Nourish the artist in your child and let them blend real-life doodles with on-screen action in three amazing ways. Build your child’s creativity and communication skills while fostering endless imagination. This set includes the OSMO Base, new Creative Board, 4 dry erase markers, microfiber eraser pouch, stackable storage for each game and three game apps (Monster, Newton, Masterpiece). Available for iPad or Fire (requires an iPad or Fire to use).

yoga mat

Established in 1987, Bean Products has been a consistent leading manufacturer of eco-friendly home goods and wellness products. For a fun gift this year, check out their Kid’s Sticky Yoga Mats which come in a variety of colors and designs. These yoga mats are child-sized (24″x60″x1/8″) and easy for small hands to carry. They provide a stable, slip-resistant surface for your child’s practice and they’re machine or hand-washable. They’re free from toxic phthalates, dioxins and furans, phenol, or heavy metals.

Airomé is a great resource for kid-safe aromatherapy products. The Raccoon Medium Ultra Sonic Diffuser is perfect for use in an older kid’s bedroom. It has eight LED light colors for a single-color glow, or it can be set to rotate between all colors. Airomé also carries a Kids’ Essential Oil Blends line designed to provide therapeutic-grade aromatherapy. Each blend is made with 100% pure oil combinations that are specially designed to use with kids.

Buy It: www.airome.candlewarmers.com

's Pugpyhood Book

This hilarious new comic collection by Gemma Gené tells the story of love at first sight between mom and pugpy, and the trials that shaped them into the inseparable duo they are today.  The star of the show is Mochi, the sassy, jamón-loving pug that has far too much personality for someone his size. This book showcases all the heartwarming highs and the sometimes scary lows that come with owning a puppy. It also includes a colorful sticker set and photo gallery of the real-life Mochi that will smack you in the face with cuteness—making it the perfect gift for any dog lover.

Terrific Timelines Dinosaurs

Terrific Timelines Dinosaurs is a book that features 20 dinosaurs from the three prehistoric eras. Each of the dinosaurs has its own factfile and a press out model to add to your dinosaur display. This book combines awesome information with gorgeous illustrations and some hands-on activity which I love because the more senses are involved with learning, the better kids will learn! This book would make an awesome gift for the dinosaur lover in your life. 

Buy it: Amazon

don't go boom

Your Mission? Don’t Go Boom! Get the lowest score in 3 rounds by totaling up the numbers on each player’s minefield cards. Watch out for Big Bad Bomb cards, they’re worth 15 points each! This is an explosively fun card games by Inspiration Play that was inspired by the parlor card game, Golf. Don’t Go Boom is easy to learn and is perfect for kids ages 7 and up. Action cards help players strategize the best moves and create a fun, engaging vacation, travel, car, recess, or classroom card game your family will love! Improve your kids counting and math skills while having fun and ditching virtual play.

Dream Pairs Breathable And Lightweight Kids Running Sneakers

Your little one will love running around in these Dream Pairs Kids Running Sneakers. A rubber sole and a mesh fabric upper makes these sneakers breathable and comfortable. A padded insole adds extra support and cushioning. Lightweight with an anti-slip textured MD outsole. Perfect for the park, playdates or for school. Featuring an anti-collision toe cap and back heel and a hook-and-loop strap and an elasticized lace. 


For the unicorn fans in your life, this Plus-Plus Learn To Build Unicorn Set is perfect! Plus-Plus is one shape building toy with endless possibilities!  This Learn To Build Unicorns set is a great way to get started with Plus-Plus as kids will be able to learn how to create in both 2D and 3D.  They are a fun building concept that encourages open-ended, creative play. It’s a perfect STEM toy to develop fine motor skills, focus and patience.  This unicorn set is super cute and perfect for hours of screen free play.

bold made game

Bold Made flips the script on Old Maid and includes bold women who made huge impacts on our world and has a more aspirational goal of ending the game with the Bold Made card! Every card features bold women such as Ruth Bader Ginsburg, Malala Yousafzai, Temple Grandin, Marie Curie, & Harriet Tubman. This fun card game is designed for the whole family. It’s perfect for bonding with children, teens, adults, and grandparents. Bust it out during a reunion and watch everyone dive in! Perfect family games for kids 4 and up!

Winning Moves Games has a collection of classic, retro, cool, and fun games! Older kids are going to love learning how to play Chinese Checkers. This is a game of strategy for two-six players. Chinese Checkers players must plan and try to beat their opponent to hop all their marbles to the triangle opposite them. The first to do so wins. Chinese Checkers comes with a sturdy playing platform board and colored glass marbles. 

Buy It: www.Winning-Moves.com

shoppin' blowout

In the first game of the Take It series, Shoppin’ Blowout, players stand head to head, and try to grab the item in the store faster than anybody else! After the new Shoppin’ Product Selector app indicates the item to take, visually scour the board, find the item and grab it as quick as possible…before any other player! Once you see it, take it — then drop it in your cart. When there’s no items remaining, the game is over. Calculate the point total from the items in your cart, and the player with the highest amount is the winner!

  • Buy it: Amazon – Clip the coupon for 50% off today! 

Baketivity Cake Pop Kit by Baketivity

Kids love fun snacks and now they can create their very own Cake Pops with this fun kit from Baketivity!  This kit comes with a kid-friendly recipe, all the pre-measured dry ingredients they’ll need, and a Cake Pop Stand to display all the final results = delectable creations!  It’s the perfect gift that will give you the gift of building lifelong memories while having fun in the kitchen.  Plus, everyone will be thrilled with the treat at the end!

innovateher kit

More than just a craft kit, with this business in a box kit from Kids Crafts, she’ll learn how to start selling with the InnovateHER™ Business Guide. This workbook goes step-by-step through the process of how to start and run a successful business. Show her that crafting can be fun and profitable with this Poppin’ Paper Clip Business Entrepreneur Starter Kit! These adorable paper clips are functional and irresistible, making them a great choice for your girl’s first business. This craft kit includes everything she needs to create 45 unique paper clips (6 sets). From tassels to pom poms, to butterflies — friends and family will want these clips for their notebooks, homework, and even at the office.

Vudeco unicorn glow in the dark blanket

Know a unicorn lover? They’ll love this super soft throw blanket that has glow in the dark unicorns on it! It’s available in three color options, rainbow, starry sky or gray. It needs just 10 minutes of time in sunlight or lamplight and it’ll glow in the dark for 1 hour! The blanket measures 50″ by 60″ so it’s big enough for big kids. 

Buy it: Vudeco.life

Bright Stripes iHeartArt Squeegee Art

Squeegee Art has become super popular on social media. This trendy, swirly art is like a cross between marbling and tie dye. The iHeartArt 20-piece kit was named A Top Holiday Toy in the Toy Insider’s 2022 Holiday Gift Guide. iHeartArt is a line of premium quality affordable art materials from Bright Stripes, that are specifically created for older kids – those who fall between children and young adults. Kids of all skill levels can experiment with techniques and create unique, bold artwork using hi-flow neon paints that glide, blend and pop off the page. Peel-away stickers allow them to mask off areas of the page for cool effects, and lots of punch-out shapes allow for easy paper-craft projects. 

double ditto

Simple & hilarious, Double Ditto is a fast paced family game that can be played with kids 8 years & up to adults. A customizable card game that allows for creativity with answers and has other players guessing the answers of competitors, it’s a great party game! Simply pick a card, read it aloud, & quickly write down two answers you think others will imagine. Laugh or cry as you discover if you were correct. Find out whose mind is in sync with yours. It may not be who you’d expect! Creativity is key!


Budsies Custom Stuffed Animals will make an incredible gift for any child on your list this year! Simply take one of their drawings and send a copy of it to the Budsies team; they will create a custom stuffed creature based on the drawing. On top of kids’ drawings, Budsies can be made out of book characters, illustrations, anime, selfies, and more! These customized gifts are sure to be a keepsake that they’ll save and love forever. 


French Toast: Help Kids Shine This Holiday Season (Premium School Wear At The Best Prices)

Kids grow fast and play hard, so this Christmas, consider updating their wardrobe with some new French Toast clothing.  They are dedicated to making the best possible school wear pieces accessible to ALL kids and ALL families from ALL walks of life. Their mission is to help kids shine, whatever their passion, no matter the dress code, wherever they live or go to school.  Check out their high quality bottoms as well as polos, sweaters, and more.  You’ll love how dapper they make your child look and feel!

Gel blasters

Gel Blasters are a really cool new type of blaster that fire “gellets”. Gellets remind me of water beads. They start off small, you soak them in water and they grow. They’re non-toxic, safe to use around pets and kids, and won’t’ stain your clothing. The Gel blaster Starfire is a blaster that works with glow-in-the-dark Gellets! This can make outdoor blaster battles more fun after dark. These blasters are a toy that kids wont’ soon outgrow. In fact, some adults will want to get in on the fun!

Buy it: GelBlaster.com.

Stride Rite

These Stride Rite Made2Play Journey Sneakers are a best seller. Available in five designs – perfect for boys or girls – and sizes 10.5 through big kid size 3. Wide with is also available! Your child will love the comfort of these sporty leather and mesh sneakers, and you’ll appreciate that they are machine washable! Stride Rite’s Made2Play Journey sneakers have a double hook and loop closure that adjusts for the perfect fit. Kids will also love their easy Hook and loop closure for easy on-and-off and the Ortholite memory foam that makes them extra comfortable. 

little change creators spellbound coloring set

Inspire young minds to create and connect anywhere they go with this Spellbound compact and reusable coloring set from Little Change Creators. Ideal for travel, this reversible color-in mat features two erasable surfaces for double the fun! There’s also ample space for young artists to doodle, draw and write…again and again. Each set comes with one silicone coloring mat, 12 non-toxic, low odor markers, a magic cloth for easy erasing, a fabric carry-bag, and a pay-it-forward token for creating positive change!


For the perfect classic game with a twist, check out Corner Crush.  Take a friend and go head-to-head or play in teams as you drop tokens into the rotating tower.  Don’t forget, in this unique game, you can play around the corners to score four in a row and crush your opponents!  CORNER CRUSH is the ultimate game of memory and strategy – with a twist.  It’s fun, fast paced, and takes some thinking and planning skills to beat your opponent!  Geared for ages 7 and up and two or four players, game play takes just 15 minutes.

mermaids book of tails

Encourage kids to explore their creative side with The Mermaid’s Book Of Tails. This book encourage skids to draw, doodle and color mermaids that aren’t the typical mermaids you’re used to seeing! Lions, tigers, bears, pigs and other creatures are combined with mermaid tails to make one of a kind mermaid creatures. 

Buy it: Amazon

GeoMag Mechanics Challenge Goal

Geomag Mechanics Challenge Goal! lets your kids build a magnetic cannon mechanism using the force of magnetism with mechanical construction. It stimulates children’s creativity, inventiveness and a hands-on approach to problem-solving. Once the cannon is built, kids can challenge others to see who scores more goals. In addition to magnetic rods and steel spheres, Geomag Mechanics adds mechanical elements that allow for expanded play possibilities. A STEM.org certified toy. 

lava tribe crop

This Girls Sports Crop Top in Joie Print is from Lava Tribe and is the perfect fit for your child wearing sizes 6-14. It has double layers for a smooth silhouette. The top has a breathable and sweat-wicking mesh back and is cami length for a little extra coverage. Made of 90% Polyester and 10% Spandex, it’s both soft and supportive. Pair with the Joie Sports Shorts for a perfect set!

Ravensburger GraviTrax POWER Starter-Set Launch Marble Run & Construction Toy

GraviTrax is an an ideal holiday and birthday gift for creative, curious kids who love to build.  This awesome GraviTrax Power Starter Set Launch is an interactive track system allows you to design and build your very own race track and, along the way, experiment with gravity, magnetism, kinetics and now POWER your marbles to the finish.  This new design allows you to control the marble by programming the electronic elements that communicate through invisible connections created by players controller.  Create, test, dismantle, and then do it all over again!  The playability with GraviTrax is endless!

Livie & Luca

Check out these Lynx Sneakers from Livie & Luca. They come in four styles (both boys and girls) and sizes 6 Toddler through 3 Youth. The Lynx Sneakers are a flexible & lightweight athleisure-inspired sneaker. No matter what foot type, these shoes are super easy for kids to slip on themselves. The neutral charcoal tone is perfect for dressing up or for casual wear. The kids will love the light weight sole to help them run fast!  Be sure to use discount code: EMREV15 for 15% off this style valid through 12/24/22

petsies stuffed animal

For an adorable Custom Stuffed Animal that looks just like your furry best friend, visit Petsies! Forever Petsies are created using pictures of your favorite pet, and turned into a snuggly stuffed animal that you will cherish for years to come. These Petsies are made to look like your pet down to the smallest details! With three sizes available and almost any pet you could imagine, this will be a perfect gift for any animal-loving child on your shopping list! 


This toy brings spectators from near and far, all who have come to watch the Air Stunt Show Tiger Propeller Plane soar through the air. The unique and fun tiger striped design is fascinating to watch as it dives through the clouds. The pilot displays ultimate skills as he flies all around and effortlessly performs daring flight maneuvers at dazzling heights. From the ground, the mechanic monitors the show and is already preparing to inspect the plane after landing. The eye-catching aircraft can seat two figures and contains a storage compartment in the tailgate.  This adventure set includes two figures, propeller plane with rotating propeller, gas can, pylon with suction feet to secure to the surface, flight gear, and other accessories.

The Mermaid Cookbook

Get ready to dive into the magical under sea adventure life with this awesome cookbook filled with all things mermaid!  The Mermaid Cookbook by Alix Carey has an array of options, from a Sandcastle Cake and Turtle Doughnuts to Jam Clams and Treasure Trifle, fulfill all your dreams of becoming a mermaid. Or at least eating like one.  You’ll appreciate the color photographs as they are paired with easy-to-follow recipes. Among the various desserts (cupcakes, celebration cakes, cookies, and bars and bites), this cookbook also includes party food (i.e. Crispy Starfish Churros), breakfast (i.e. Mermaid Toast), and drinks (i.e. Seaplendid Smoothie) sections.

ZipLinx Jumping Domino Action

For an action packed gift that will get kids excited, ZipLinx is here to save the day.  These high-flying, chain-reaction activity sets deliver the eye-popping payoff of the classic domino run— but ZipLinx launch pieces up to 3 feet in the air for the finale! The magic of the system is not only the ease of set-up but there’s also no accidental starts. That means your design literally won’t “pop” until you insert the special Linx Launcher Key!  This chain reaction game includes over 9 feet of interlocking ZipLinx. Each uniquely designed 3.3” interlocking ZipLinx piece lets you create an unlimited number of designs to launch the fly ball into the air!

Ravensburger Minecraft_ Cutaway 300 Piece XXL

Kids these days LOVE Minecraft so this puzzle from Ravensburger is sure to be a hit!  Featuring a scene from the wonderful world of Minecraft, the cutaway view gives you a look inside the depths of the world’s best-selling video game, where you can create a Nether portal with 14 blocks of obsidian, flint, and steel.  This 300-piece puzzle has large, durable pieces for lots of repeat fun and offers a great way to spend cold winter days.  The clean-cut pieces and Ravensburger’s tight interlocking fit provide a pleasurable puzzling experience for all. 

Buzz Bee Toys Dart Blaster

Get ready to unleash a storm of darts with this awesome Adventure Force Blitz 6 Dart Blaster.  Kids will love how the Blitz 6 shoots darts up to 100 feet, so they will be able to take down other players no matter how fast opponents may run. And the best part is that this blaster is great both for indoor and outdoor play.  The included 12 long-distance darts is enough to swamp your opponents and play for hours.  This is one action-packed blaster that delivers advanced performance with extreme distance and leaves a lasting impression on your opponents.

Hangry Game

For fast paced game playing fun, the game of choice is Hangry!  This food-flipping game features a variety of delicious cuisine that’s sure to leave you hungry. Flip your food card, look for a match, and slap! Chop chop!  Watch out because there are other hangry players trying to poach your favorite food!  Collect the most cards and you’ll get to reward yourself with mouth-watering menu items. The first player to fill their table setting wins the game. Hangry is a quick and easy recipe for fun!  Geared for ages 6 and up, it’s guaranteed to add loads of fun to game night.

Giga Bots -

If you’re looking for an exciting new take on action figures, Gigabots is it! This exciting line of 13” fully-articulated figures lets kids build, transform, and battle – and then re-build and battle over and over again. The point of difference: each figure starts as a plastic capsule which not only has alI the pieces needed to assemble the GIGABOT, but also becomes part of the build.  kids love getting to see the incredible transformation of a small energy core to a 13 inch fully pose-able figure! Then transform the 13 inch figure back into the energy core for easy travel and storage. It’s the ultimate unboxing experience. With six unique figures in the lineup, you’ll want to collect them all.


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